Tea Brewing Guide

Quick Guide For Tea Brewing Times And Water Temperature

There are many factors that contribute to the perfect cup of tea:
• The quality of the tea leaves
• Purity of the water
• Ratio of tea to hot water
• Correct steeping temperature for the specific type of tea
• Correct steeping time for the specific type of tea
• Adequate room for the tea leaves to expand and fully extract the best flavour

If the water temperature is too high, the tea will taste bitter because more of the tannins will be released into the cup. Also, delicate aroma compounds will be driven off and lost. If the temperature is too low, proper extraction cannot occur, and the tea will taste flat.

Tea Brewing Instructions

To extract the best taste from your tea start every time with fresh, cold filtered water. Never re-boil water that has been left in the kettle as the taste could be stale or flat. Choose a high quality tea and store the tea away from the light in a dark, airtight container.

Pour hot water into a pre-heated teapot or cup to ensure the water steeps the tea at the ideal temperature without being cooled by the pot or cup. Place tea leaves or tea bag into hot water rather than pouring the hot water directly over the leaves. Tea can burn easily if hot water is poured directly on the leaves. Allow adequate room for the tea leaves to expand when using a tea infuser.
The majority of premium loose leaf teas can be infused multiple times. To resteep loose tea leaves, always remove the leaves from the first extraction after steeping time is complete otherwise the leaves will become over extracted and bitter. Follow the chart above for the proper brewing time and water temperature. Never save the steeped tea leaves overnight, only resteep tea leaves a few hours after the first steeping.

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